Christopher L Jorgensen is to be blamed for every word, photo, and icon on this web site. He hopes the site speaks for itself, but if you don't, well, then the hell with ya! The photos and the poem "Making Baby" were written while on retreat at the Peace Center in Yankton, SD in 2004. The photos were taken in the bathroom, under the red warming light, with a cheap and old Sony digital camera. These photos and a wondrous creature inspired the story "Other Considerations."

The music and reading for "Going Back" are provided by Steven Fletcher Radzikowski. Like much of what I write, this poem is autobiographical. People in the know will understand the inspiration.

The title of this site comes from a line in "Blood Meridian: or the Evening Redness in the West," by Cormac McCarthy. Perhaps the best book by a living author and the most violent book in the English language. Not one wasted word or scene. Cormac doesn't understand gratuitous. I love pretty much everything about this book. Science, alchemy, and magic all rolled up in one. History, religion, and gunplay! As close to perfection as one can get. If you have no idea why I'd take A Bloody Dark Pastryman as a title, you need to read this book. Besides, I think I look like the Judge in my photos.

Off to make some gunpowder now.

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