They Told Me

You’ll never have it this easy
No worries, no stress, everything
  handed to you, a made
  life. Health & happiness.
These are the best years
  of your life. Youth wasted
  on the young and all that.
Never better, all downhill
  from here.
They told me,
get a job and get laid,
get a car and be cool,
therapy will make you happy,
stay straight and find God.
With money you can have
A house, a wife, cable TV,
flip phones, and the latest laptop.
You can even buy a moment
  or two of peace
  and a $4 coffee.
Crawl into debt and pull the hole
  in after,
hide behind your wall of bought
have a kid and tell him:
You’ll never have it this easy

christopher.... '04

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